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Spirit of Discovery

spirit of discovery
Sección 56 edición - ESBILLA
Nacionalidad Estados Unidos
Año 2017
Duración 62 min.
Idioma original Inglés
Dirección Eliana Álvarez Martínez
Montaje Leah Bloeme Goudsmit
Fotografía Eliana Álvarez Martínez, Alfredo Barroso
Música Tim Bright
Producción Eliana Alvarez, Octavio Aburto
Intérpretes Walter Munk, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara
Compañía productora Spirit of Discovery LLC
Sinopsis If you’re a bold scientist, you might be wrong sometimes. Things have rarely turned out the way physical oceanographer Walter Munk had hoped.However, in his lifetime, Munk demonstrated the interconnectedness of our planet and completely changed the way we see the oceans. He helped the troops disembark in Normandy, explained the dark side of the moon, discovered ways to predict tides and waves, and listened to the ocean to understand climate change. With all this in mind, we could say that Munk’s brilliant failures have done more for the world than many proven scientific successes. Today, Walter, at 96 years of age, undertakes an expedition once again to find the fish named after him. The Munkiana Mobulas should be counted by the millions on the coast of Baja California in Mexico, but they’re not there. Something went wrong again.
Palabras clave Festival de Cine, 2018, FIC-Esbilla